how to order custom clogs?

It's That Simple!

Design a Clog online to wear, just in five easy steps. You can follow the video guide below or the following instructions. We are the only custom Clog design place that gives you the styles and design options to truly create your own custom clog here! Start Customizing Now


Take Photo

Choose / Take photo of your choice

Step 2

Fill Out The Form

Fill Out This Form. This could include; Quantity, Color, Size and/or any additional text you would like to add to the product.  After these selections are made, upload your design with the "Upload Your Image" button.

Step 3

Wait for the Mock to get Approved

From here, everything is ready to go. Click "Submit" . We will assess your mock for approval.

Step 4

Deposit using Flexible Payment Method

As soon as your mock get approved we will send you an invoice of $40 for each quantity. After payment is made, we will send the item to production.

Step 5

Enjoy Your Customize Designed Clogs

Once production is complete, we will send you a notification. Click "Add to cart" or "Buy it now". Receive your product and show it off! Please note there are no refunds if there is a delay due to covid. Designercroccharm will get orders out as soon as possible.